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You are in charge of sales and marketing and it is time for a game changer. The sales team is strong and connected, but how big is their scope and who knows whom? #trust What would it mean if you had this information? Besides that, you have 200+ colleagues who believe in the company they work for and are willing to help. What is the effect if you can multiply your sales power immediately? The warm introduction automated, which is LeadBuzzer.

How does it work?

Activate your network and get reliable feedback


The road to a surefire lead starts with asking the right question. Are you looking for a warm introduction or do you want to know who is ?connected?? Import your account list, ask for the introduction and receive leads from people you trust.


Anyone within the LeadBuzzer Community is able to respond to a question. They can collaborate by placing a fact, rumor, contact information or by ?ranking? a lead or challenge. This way, you get reliable feedback by using gamification.


Share information and get rewarded: By actively participating in a LeadBuzzer Community you can earn BuzzCoins. These BuzzCoins can be used for incentives made available in the shop by the Community Manager.

LeadBuzzer Connector API

A sales drives organization often keeps a list of prospects. These are companies and persons an organization wants to get in touch with. This prospectlist kan easily be imported into LeadBuzzer using our LeadBuzzer Connector. The connection can be made with an existing CRM systeem (eg. Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics, AFAS, Exact).

  • Import (Sync) an account list from a CRM or database
  • LeadBuzzer automatically post requests on the BuzzMarket and encourages the community by using intelligent messaging (BuzzFeed)
  • Enriched your CRM with important information that could lead to new opportunities
Salesforce LeadBuzzer Connector


The BuzzFeed works like a bulletin board and show what is happening on the platform. The intelligent messaging urges Social Sellers to take part in LeadBuzzer activities.


MyBuzz is the LeadBuzzer mailbox and collects all the messages received by and send to Seller Socials. Push notifications will alert you when there is a new personal message. We call this, the BuzzAlert.


The heart of the community: the BuzzMarket. Here you will find all Referrals and Leads that are visible within the LeadBuzzer community. Collaboration and gamification starts here.

The world of Sales and Lead Generation is ready for change and the time of Social Sellers has arrived.

An organization is more connected than you often think and extends beyond the sales department. If you have more than 100 colleagues, it is almost impossible to speak to everybody on a regular base, stay up today and receive valuable information about interesting prospects.

LeadBuzzer gives you the opportunity to challenge your community by asking a direct question. The community can help you by sharing valuable information. Think of rumors and contact info. By ranking a question (hot, cold or trusted), the community gives feedback and in response you will receive good intel from your trusted network.

What Can LeadBuzzer mean for your organization?

The different scenarios

You are
a progressive
Account manager

As an account manager you have several confidants in the field who want to do something for you. They trust you and your proposition. These so-called experts have frequent contact with your customer and know what?s trending. Manage how you want to reward them and get the best leads from people you trust.

A small sales team, but very committed colleagues and a strong network. Recognizable? You are looking for a way to get even closer to your real network. Ask smart questions to your network, share leads and receive. Your network can ask questions and help each other with the warm introduction. Giving and receiving is the motto.

You are
for Sales

Your sales team is strong, but not big enough to generate multiple warm introductions to your prospects. Everyone in the organization may potentially provide a warm introduction. It are the non-sales colleagues who can make a difference. Share your CRM info with the rest of the organization and enrich your accounts with feedback from your colleagues.

  • Share your top 100 prospects with your internal network
  • Let colleagues ?match? with their relationships
  • Challenge, reward and get more warm introductions

You are
for Marketing

The marketing team is creative, engaged and committed. A large part of the employees, partners and customers are true ambassadors of your brand. They are able to increase brand awareness and generate leads. Start a community for your ambassadors!

  • First: invite your ambassadors
  • Place Challenges and activate your community
  • Reward and receive leads from your ambassadors

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Onboarding your Community with LeadBuzzer Adoption

Implementing new software is not always an easy and rewarding task. To get people and organizations in line and help the integration of LeadBuzzer to become successful, we offer a road to adoption.

Adoption Kit

The LeadBuzzer Adoption Kit will help you and your businessclub or organization with the adoption and onboarding of the LeadBuzzer community.


We will organize a seminar with a workshop given by an inspiring keynote speaker about networking. Our team will give a workshop about bringing sales and non-sales together.


Our Adoption Team will guide you through the onboarding process during a workshop. The workshop will help you ? and your team ? to get the best out of LeadBuzzer.

Adoption Team

Get ready for the launch! Our team will support you with styling the community to give it your own look and feel, importing members data and give you a one-to-one experience of the features.

The LeadBuzzer Connector: Enlarge your Salesforce

The Lead Innovation TechBlog gives you a peek in the daily life of our development team. This first TechBlog is about the LeadBuzzer Connector. This solution gives organizations the opportunity to have important CRM data enriched by means of the ?crowd?.

How does it work; the Connector API?

A sales drives organization often keeps a list of prospects. These are companies and persons an organization wants to get in touch with. This prospectlist kan easily be imported into LeadBuzzer using our LeadBuzzer Connector. The connection can be made with an existing CRM systeem (eg. SAP, Dynamics, AFAS, Exact).

LeadBuzzer Connector API Salesforce

Figure: Schematic representation how we made this possible with Salesforce.

LeadBuzzer Connector API Salesforce

Figure: After enriching the data in LeadBuzzer we can export this data using the same interface. Salesforce will show this data in a seperate memo field.


The LeadBuzzer Connector can be used within the internet browser. To build the LeadBuzzer API we use the Django REST framework, a two-way communication towards the browser and a two-way data exchange between the Views also located in the LeadBuzzer API. REST is short for Representational State Transfer.

These Views work on the Core files which also contain data on for example leads, users and messages. Inside Django we use Middleware for the necessary conversion of input and output.

Calls in the browser url contain functions and parameters, the response consists of JSON being parsed subsequently. By means of a Save Data function the data is actually stored.


The Middleware layer, written in Python (py) as is the complete API, performs checks and also performs the filtering between the source system and LeadBuzzer. The Views are called through unique url?s and all have their own class. After action initialisation and calling the Core files this is where the logic of the subsequent class, like queries and calculations, is executed. The results are returned to the browser by means of the View and the Middleware.

The results are kept in a separate ?BigData? part of the same Core and are through their specific calls linked to a specific external source. After first-time specification of a source the link is available during the entire session. The exchange of information will be done fort he entities Companies, Contacts and Notes.

The specification also contains the mapping of entities and fields. A Company can have multiple Contacts, but a Contact can also exist without a Company.

Having the Accountlist available in LeadBuzzer through the Sync synchronisation we can move tot the next step.

Using this data LeadBuzzer generates Questions on the BuzzMarket. The Questions are visible for all platform members, but intelligent messaging in the BuzzFeed function brings them to the attention of the individual Social Sellers within the LeadBuzzer Community. BuzzFeed functionality keeps track of which Questions are asked to which Social Sellers and if they responded already.

If a Social Seller wants to respond to a generated Question we have the standard LeadBuzzer functions Respond, Raise Your Hand and Introduce available. These responses will be connected to the Question.

It is important to close the circle and finish the enrichening campaign. In the final action all responses (Notes) to be recorded as feedback in the source system (eg. SalesForce) are to be selected. Needless to say that the status of every Note is recorded in LeadBuzzer after every Re-Sync action. The source systeem will be enriched with important information that could lead to a warm introduction.

Sales is a team effort

The world of Sales and Lead Generation is ready for change and the time of Social Sellers has
arrived. We refrain from old-fashioned “cold calling” and believe that a successful deal starts with a
warm introduction based on trust.